Having a wellness goal through the holidays is difficult. You may feel rude saying “no” to a host if they offer you a calorie-packed beverage. What if you get the chance to try a family recipe that was passed down from Grandma? If you’re staying home due to COVID, these rules may not apply to you as much as they will next year. But, if you do plan to travel for the holidays, Evolve United has a few key pieces of advice to keep making progress beyond the typical advice of “don’t make any mistakes.”



#1. Failure > Sabotage.


Some of you may not have this problem. If you do, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Ever slipped up on a rule you gave yourself? Did that one break in the rule lead to two, three, etc? If you are going into the holidays with any goal that sounds like “don’t do xyz” then remember this- there is a chance that you will fail. This is ok! What may not be ok is thinking that 10 cookies are the solution to your problem. This rule applies most often when it comes to sweets. Why? Because sugar causes dopamine. Dopamine causes happiness. The key issue here is that happiness from sweets is only temporary. If you enjoy sweets, then enjoy them! If you lose control with sweets, consider setting a rule for yourself and have a friend help keep you accountable.



#2. An object in motion stays in motion.


You heard this back in science class. It’s part of Newton’s laws of motion. If you’ve got momentum on your goals headed into the holidays, keep it up! If you don’t have momentum, it will never get easier because the opposite of this law is true- an object at rest stays at rest. From the time you read this, it won’t get easier to continue a positive habit, nor will it get easier to start a positive habit. Crazy, right? Your body is the object and you will have less distractions slowing you down.



#3. Live life.


What’s the point of a goal? For most people, it’s something that is perceived to improve the quality of life. Remember that the quality of your life is impacted by the quality of your inner-circle. Expect to find yourself around your inner-circle through the holidays with a bonus friend called “calories.” If you find yourself as the health-conscious minority at any point in the holidays, it could be worth a compromise. Not a sabotage,  a compromise. If your child or niece/nephew made you a Christmas cookie, would you try it? Even if it’s the same pre-packaged cookie you’ve had a dozen times, you would still have a bite to make them happy. If you have friends who gain joy by having you try their food, then try it! You can eat fewer calories on a day before you gather in anticipation of the high-calorie day you have coming. Maybe that’s how Santa stays in shape?