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2311, 2020

Three Rules to Holiday-Proof Your Goals

  Having a wellness goal through the holidays is difficult. You may feel rude saying "no" to a host if they offer you a calorie-packed beverage. What if you get the chance to try a family recipe that was passed down from Grandma? If you're staying home due to COVID, these rules may not apply [...]

2210, 2020

Close Your Eyes. Improve Your Workout.

If you show up to the gym, your workout is not a "waste." However, there are small, easy changes that everyone can make to squeeze extra value out of their gym session. Want to know one of those tips? Close your eyes. By shutting off one of the senses, it will heighten the others. Why [...]

2508, 2020

Why Your Old Leasing Sales Process Does Not Work Today

100% of the time on a leasing tour, a potential resident has 3 options:   1- Rent from you 2- Rent from a competitor (this includes buying a house) 3- Become homeless   If you are worried about #2, pick up a phone and call a competitor. Then call 5 more. More often than not, [...]

2007, 2020

Metabolism Tips: Do THIS, Not THAT

"Metabolism" and "metabolic rate" are two of those fitness buzzwords you will see every so often. What do they mean? Put simply, they are an indicator of how many calories you burn on a daily basis. The REAL reason people ask about this is typically related to the goal of lowering body fat.  To support [...]