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2206, 2021

Your Best Health EVER Lies Behind One Trait

Sets and reps are not gym-exclusive terms. Every day in life is a set. Every action in the day is a rep. Those first reps are easy, but sometimes we want to stop when the burn starts setting in. Thankfully, life gives us breaks. Somedays the reps are hard. Other days are easy. Yet, we [...]

2605, 2021

Why is my [_____] bothering me?

Please. Please please please. Do yourself a favor and fix your mobility issues. You don’t need to be perfect- just bring yourself to baseline. What is baseline? Baseline is where you don’t have to ask the question above. Baseline is living life without aggravating muscle tension or pain. If you’re thinking “wait, that’s possible?” then [...]

2104, 2021

Mindfulness Prompts for Making Decisions Like a CEO

The mindfulness movement has expand energy cause as a resisting force to human progress. The issue with a trend is that it acts as a tree. Too many roots and not enough time or energy for all of it. How do CEOs actually live a normal life then? They do so through the great skill [...]

3003, 2021

How to N.E.A.T.-ly burn stubborn fat.

Belly fat is one of the most stubborn weight-loss areas. Part of the issue is that the muscle behind the fat is virtually non-existent. Unlike the legs, it’s hard to “tone” this area. We can do sit-ups and twists as much as we want, but the calories burned from those core exercises are likely being [...]

303, 2021

Build Back Your March Momentum

Last month, many of us fell off of our New Year’s resolutions. Want to guess which day causes people to fall off of the wagon for good? The answer is Valentine’s day. How can you tell your loved one “no” with the chocolates and lovely dining experience that are synonymous with the day? You can’t. [...]

2801, 2021

5 Top Diets of 2021 Explained for a 5 Year Old

Information. Overload. Those 2 words describe the wellness industry. Granted, it works well. Supplement companies can sell anything and they do! Fitness coaches can push products knowing that their clients can’t tell if collagen should be used with a keto diet, or for general weight loss. When will it all stop? When we, as wellness [...]