If you show up to the gym, your workout is not a “waste.” However, there are small, easy changes that everyone can make to squeeze extra value out of their gym session. Want to know one of those tips?

Close your eyes.

By shutting off one of the senses, it will heighten the others. Why do the blind hear well? Their brain has less quantity of senses to focus on, so the quality of the other senses improves. The logic is obvious, yet the application is not. Here is how you can apply it to the gym:

Next time you do a sit-up, close your eyes. Sit half-way up, pause for 3 seconds, and then take 3 seconds to return your upper back to the ground. Do this for 5 reps. Can you notice how you feel a better mind-to-muscle connection to your abs?

On round 2, you will make one more improvement. Still keep the eyes closed, but when you pause for 3 seconds at the halfway point, really focus on contracting your abs. Feel that mind-to-muscle connection tighten as you close your eyes. Do this for 5 reps.

Now, think of the old way you used to perform sit-ups. Think of the first way with the pause. Finally, think of the intentional focus in round 2.
Which of the 3 ways made your core feel strongest? It should be the final option. By closing your eyes and focusing, we can reignite electrical signals in our bodies that lie dormant.

Use common sense and only apply this principle to safe exercises. It doesn’t need to be a habit. Rather, it’s an extra tool you now have in your belt to use in your wellness journey.

Above all else, keep enjoying the process.

– Evolve United