Last month, many of us fell off of our New Year’s resolutions. Want to guess which day causes people to fall off of the wagon for good? The answer is Valentine’s day. How can you tell your loved one “no” with the chocolates and lovely dining experience that are synonymous with the day? You can’t. If you are single, it solves the problem altogether!

Now, we’ve fallen off of the wagon, but how do we get back on? Let’s share a few tips that can help you get back to that January discipline.


  1. Keep it simple!

This list will have 3 tips in it. Why? Because we like to keep it simple! How many distractions exist in the world? A lot. Do we need more? No. If you want to build back discipline, keep it simple.

  1. Take what you think you can do, then start with 10% less.

Want to run 10 miles per week? Start with nine on week 1. By taking what you know you can do and simply maintain the pace you have. That is great! You can never fault yourself for taking action.

  1. Don’t judge.

Do you have a friend that you judge your goals against? Don’t do it! Focus on your ship, not the sea. The only person you have permission to judge yourself against is yourself. Maybe you are not in the same shape you were a few years ago. It does not matter. If you are fulfilled in life, change nothing. If you are not fulfilled and you feel a wellness goal may teach you something, then go for it! Take the first step as long as you are doing it for yourself.


Staying healthy is hard. We should not make it harder on ourselves though. By applying these 3 tips, you will save yourself time and experiences.