Wow, that was a crazy year. You must feel ready to crush New Year’s resolutions, right?


Eh, maybe not. Energy levels and motivation are low for many of us. 2021 resolutions will be a challenge. At Evolve United, we believe everyone should consider at least 1 health-related resolution for 2021. The reason is simple. A long-term goal increases self-esteem through achievement, while also providing a reason to avoid potentially negative behaviors.


To keep this simple, we’ve used the example of Forrest. Forrest loves to run. He currently runs a 5k (roughly 3 miles) in 32 minutes. He wants to run a 5k in 20 minutes by December, 31st, 2021. These 3 tips will help Forrest succeed in his 2021 resolution.


#1: Pain vs. Pleasure.

Mindset will be a huge factor in your resolution success. Forrest loves to run, so he enjoys the process of his goal. Forrest’s twin named Gump hates running. However, Gump craves the feeling of knowing his hard work resulted in a 50-pound weight loss. Both brothers can succeed in this way. Remember that pain and pleasure drive us as humans. If your pleasure is stronger than your pain, you can convince yourself to achieve virtually anything.


#2: Define a deadline for your goal, then work backward.


Forrest wants to run a 5k in 20 minutes by December 31st, 2021. He has 12 months to drop 12 minutes. An easy way for Forrest to guarantee success is by having a 5k retest at the end of each month. January would have a goal of 31 minutes, February 30 minutes, March 29 minutes, etc. All Forrest needs to do is make a plan for January and execute it. Once he succeeds in running a 5k in 31 minutes at the end of January, that is when he plans for February.


#3: Attach incentives to your milestones.


Forrest has a problem. He will lose motivation without rewards. Suddenly, he has an idea. He wants to reward himself for achieving his goals! He loves Elvis, so he makes a promise to himself that he will buy an Elvis album when he achieves his January goal. He loves boxes of Chocolates, so he will allow himself one box of chocolates when he achieves his February goal. By hacking his brain, Forrest has set himself up for success.


Resolutions are as much mental challenges as they are physical ones. Whether you do set a resolution this year or not, all of us at Evolve United wish you a successful 2021- you deserve it.